Planning a First Birthday Party!

As you little 1 approaches one the common question that arises is: “Are you having a 1st birthday?”

For most moms this can be a very stressful event. Endless things that you need to think of. Starting from the guest list, the venue, the theme, colors, entertainment, decor, party packs and the list  goes on …

My little girl turned one at the end of June. We first thought at having it at a Venue, so we decided looking at different venues across Johannesburg, its surprising the amount that’s out there and the facilities that are offered are just amazing!

Our favorite though was Kid-e-up Party Yard in Kyalami . (Kid-e-up Party Yard Link) . Its set in such a tranquil area and the grounds and facilities are amazing! Great Value for Price! Unfortunately we never used it as it was too far for majority of our guests.

Our second favorite was Jeeks Party Venue in Senderwood. Its in the Greek Sporting Grounds. The facilities and set-up is also really nice with lots of activities for the Kids! (Jeeks Party Venue)

But after we looked at dozens of Venue, we then reviewed our gust list and realized that many of the kids were under the age of 2 so we decided to have it at home in the Garden. We hired a Jumping Castle, took out some of the soft play items, the little ones car and toys on a play mat.

The theme we chose was Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. I got a lot of my Inspiration from the web, especially pinterest. My Mickey Pinterest Board! Please check out my Board it might help if you would like some ideas for your little ones birthday.

DIY Photo Booth Frame

If you good with your hands and if you have time, you can make any theme extra special with some DIY work.

Inspiration Pinterest

Inspiration Pinterest

I found the best place for balloons were at Party Spot . They have the widest variety of balloons and they fill it  with helium while you wait!

All the best for your birthday! Here are some planning checklists that might help:

1. Planning Checklist Baby Center

2. The


Thank You


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