Sensitive skin in children?…

Ever since my little girl was born her skin has been quite sensitive. I remember using some products we got at the baby shower but she would get a rash. We went to the pharmacy and they directed that we use the Baby & Kids Epizone products, Ointment to bathe her and the cream to rub on after. That worked like a charm.


As she got older the products still worked but we wanted something that would make a bit of a lather and give her a nice after bath smell. You know as kids start to grow and move around you want to make them still smell like a baby.

We were introduced to the Oh-Lief natural and organic baby products. We started off with their starter pack which had most of their products. We still, till today use the Oh-lief shampoo and bum wax. I love these products!

I struggled to find a body wash, I tried numerous products but she would still get a rash. Recently I came across the Sebamed range. I now use their body wash and lotion. They work very well and are very soft on the babies skin.

There are so many factors that you need to take into account when you have a baby. Sensitive skin is something i never thought I would have to worry about. It is amazing the amount of products that are offered in South Africa that help with this that most people are unaware of

Do you or your child have any skin conditions?

Any advice for any other mothers?

Their Bum wax works beautifully!


Weekly Travel Post … Langkawi – the Jewel of Kedah!

Langkawi is truly paradise. Langkawi is an archipelago of 104 islands located in the Andaman see near the border of Thailand and not far from Malaysia.

The view as you come in to the island!

The view as you come in to the island!


I was pleasantly surprised when we got to this beautiful island. We stayed at  The Westin Langkawi Resort & Spa. The resort is set on its own a private beach with spectacular views, 3 gorgeous pools and lots of activities! The view from the breakfast room was amazing and so was the breakfast menu!

View from the Top ;)

View from the Top 😉

Beach Sand Pool!

Beach Sand Pool!

Main Pool

Main Pool

Besides the hotel being Paradise, the island had so much to offer!

One of the first things that we did after we checked in and freshened up was go up the Langkawi Cable car, known as Langkawi Sky-cab. It really isn’t something to miss. Its one of the Steepest cable car rides, it takes you up to approximately 708 m above sea level and you get the most magnificent views of the surrounding islands. Standing on the highest points gave me a bit of goose bumps but yes definitely worth it.


From the top station you can access the Sky Bridge. Its approximately 700 m above sea level. This gorgeous curved suspension bridge gives you a chilling view of the surrounding islands and areas. It sways a bit with the wind but worth the walk!

When you descend from the Langkawi Skycab you should wonder around the Oriental Village, there are animal exhibitors and some stores selling better priced clothing, bathing suits,and much more.

If you a lover of aquatic animals or if you have kids with you then a visit to Langkawi Underwater world is a must visit. Its the largest marine and fresh water aquarium in South East Asia. Its located next to a duty free shopping center so u can do a bit of eating and shopping after.

A definite must see are  the Mangrove tours! You travel on boat through the wonderful maze of mangrove trees and on your way you see lots of wildlife. You will see lovely formations of limestone. The one pictured below was explained to us by our guide who did not speak English well as american movie, see ‘King Kong’! (oh yes and he had the actions)

Limestone Formations- Our guide called it King Kong.

Limestone Formations –                 Our guide called it King Kong.

Once on the tour one of out first stops were when our tour guide would attract the eagles with food so we could catch a closer glimpse of them as they would swoop down to feed. Also the tour takes you to the cave of Bats and the Crocodile cave. A stop at the fish farms  on the river give you a chance to try and feed the sting rays and also get a chance to pick you on seafood to be cooked there and eaten.

Feeding of Stingrays!

Feeding of Stingrays!

Feeding of Stingrays!

Feeding of Stingrays!

Our catch of the days! Handpicked and eaten fresh!

Our catch of the days! Handpicked and eaten fresh!

Also we had a chance to sail out from the river  to the open seas of the Andaman. From there you have a slight glimpse of Thailand in the far far distance! On your way back in to the river you will see the sign for Langkawi Geopark, Part of UNESCO’s World Geoparks.

There are so many things to do and see in Langkawi! I was there for a very short time as i was unaware of all the attractions that Langkawi offers and i was unaware of how beautiful and peaceful the Westin Resort and Spa was. I had to divide my time between the amazing attractions and the stunning resort!

Langkawi I will be back!

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