Weekly Travel Post: My Travel Bucket List – City … Istanbul!

I love travel! The cultures, the people, the food, the history! I think that’s why i love Europe because all those things are still intact in most European cities.

One city that I have not visited yet that is number 1 on my list is Istanbul. I have heard so many amazing things about this city. Firstly Istanbul is the only city to span two continents, Europe and Asia. But that’s not my reason for wanting to visit Istanbul. The real reason is the vibrant city, the gorgeous buildings and different foodie experiences.

The ‘Aya Sofya’ known to many people as Hagia Sophia is truly an amazing building with so much historical importance. There are so many other such buildings to marvel at, like the blue mosque, Topaki Palace and loads more.

Lets not forget I would love to immerse myself in the old city, going back centuries. Take a visit to the grand bazaar, and eat all the local food that I’ve heard so much about! I have also heard that the ice cream in Istanbul is very delicious!

I would like to take a ferry along the Bosporus. Also visit Taksim square which is apparently the heart of the more modern Istanbul.

Take a trip to see the whirling dervishes. I have heard that watching them is magical.

Visit the world famous Turkish baths (Hamams) .

From what I have heard and read Istanbul sounds like the perfect city for me to visit!

Do you have any special city?

Anyone else has anything they would like to add?