Hamleys, the finest toy shop in the world!

I remember my first visit ever to Hamleys! It was back 10 years ago! I had my sister and little cousin with me, we walked in and were amazed!Seven whole floors of toys! My mom and dad told them they can only have one toy, they couldn’t choose so they left the store with nothing!

Ever since then i have always been a fan of Hamleys. Whenever we see a Hamleys store we had to go in. When the news broke that there was going to be a Hamleys store here in South Africa I was overjoyed, I could not wait for it to open. I wanted to share the same experience and love for Hamleys with my little girl.

Unfortunately i was unable to make it to the grand opening of Hamleys. I heard it was spectacular!

I had to see the store! As per usual the store looked amazing. Lots of character and we loved the entertainers.

20150822_145626 20150822_145623

My little girl was overwhelmed! There was so much to see that she did not know where to start!

20150822_14562020150822_150657 - Copy

I loved that besides the entertainers, it was interactive for the kids like the LEGO table. Lets not forget all the shopping they could do! 😀


Clearly we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and so did my little one! Hamleys is truly the finest toy shop in the world!

For the Parents: I would suggest also going with the one toy policy, otherwise you would probably end up like me with bags full! 🙂


Next time i’m definitely using the one toy policy! 😀