Sensitive skin in children?…

Ever since my little girl was born her skin has been quite sensitive. I remember using some products we got at the baby shower but she would get a rash. We went to the pharmacy and they directed that we use the Baby & Kids Epizone products, Ointment to bathe her and the cream to rub on after. That worked like a charm.


As she got older the products still worked but we wanted something that would make a bit of a lather and give her a nice after bath smell. You know as kids start to grow and move around you want to make them still smell like a baby.

We were introduced to theĀ Oh-Lief natural and organic baby products. We started off with their starter pack which had most of their products. We still, till today use the Oh-lief shampoo and bum wax. I love these products!

I struggled to find a body wash, I tried numerous products but she would still get a rash. Recently I came across the Sebamed range. I now use their body wash and lotion. They work very well and are very soft on the babies skin.

There are so many factors that you need to take into account when you have a baby. Sensitive skin is something i never thought I would have to worry about. It is amazing the amount of products that are offered in South Africa that help with this that most people are unaware of

Do you or your child have any skin conditions?

Any advice for any other mothers?

Their Bum wax works beautifully!