Weekly Travel Post … Langkawi – the Jewel of Kedah!

Langkawi is truly paradise. Langkawi is an archipelago of 104 islands located in the Andaman see near the border of Thailand and not far from Malaysia.

The view as you come in to the island!

The view as you come in to the island!


I was pleasantly surprised when we got to this beautiful island. We stayed at  The Westin Langkawi Resort & Spa. The resort is set on its own a private beach with spectacular views, 3 gorgeous pools and lots of activities! The view from the breakfast room was amazing and so was the breakfast menu!

View from the Top ;)

View from the Top ūüėČ

Beach Sand Pool!

Beach Sand Pool!

Main Pool

Main Pool

Besides the hotel being Paradise, the island had so much to offer!

One of the first things that we did after we checked in and freshened up was go up the Langkawi Cable car, known as Langkawi Sky-cab. It really isn’t something to miss. Its one of the Steepest cable car rides, it takes you up to approximately 708 m above sea level and you get the most magnificent views of the surrounding islands. Standing on the highest points gave me a bit of goose bumps but yes definitely worth it.


From the top station you can access the Sky Bridge. Its approximately 700 m above sea level. This gorgeous curved suspension bridge gives you a chilling view of the surrounding islands and areas. It sways a bit with the wind but worth the walk!

When you descend from the Langkawi Skycab you should wonder around the Oriental Village, there are animal exhibitors and some stores selling better priced clothing, bathing suits,and much more.

If you a lover of aquatic animals or if you have kids with you then a visit to Langkawi Underwater world is a must visit. Its the largest marine and fresh water aquarium in South East Asia. Its located next to a duty free shopping center so u can do a bit of eating and shopping after.

A definite must see¬†are¬† the Mangrove tours! You travel on boat through the wonderful maze of mangrove trees and on your way you see lots of wildlife. You will see lovely formations of limestone. The one pictured below was explained to us by our guide who did not speak English well as american movie, see ‘King Kong’! (oh yes and he had the actions)

Limestone Formations- Our guide called it King Kong.

Limestone Formations Р                Our guide called it King Kong.

Once on the tour one of out first stops were when our tour guide would attract the eagles with food so we could catch a closer glimpse of them as they would swoop down to feed. Also the tour takes you to the cave of Bats and the Crocodile cave. A stop at the fish farms  on the river give you a chance to try and feed the sting rays and also get a chance to pick you on seafood to be cooked there and eaten.

Feeding of Stingrays!

Feeding of Stingrays!

Feeding of Stingrays!

Feeding of Stingrays!

Our catch of the days! Handpicked and eaten fresh!

Our catch of the days! Handpicked and eaten fresh!

Also we had a chance to sail out from the river ¬†to the open seas of the Andaman. From there you have a slight glimpse of Thailand in the far far distance! On your way back in to the river you will see the sign for Langkawi Geopark, Part of UNESCO’s World Geoparks.

There are so many things to do and see in Langkawi! I was there for a very short time as i was unaware of all the attractions that Langkawi offers and i was unaware of how beautiful and peaceful the Westin Resort and Spa was. I had to divide my time between the amazing attractions and the stunning resort!

Langkawi I will be back!

IMG_0814image (8)


Weekly Travel Post: My Travel Bucket List – City … Istanbul!

I love travel! The cultures, the people, the food, the history! I think that’s why i love Europe because all those things are still intact in most European cities.

One city that I have not visited yet that is number 1 on my list is Istanbul. I have heard so many amazing things about this city. Firstly Istanbul is the only city to span two continents, Europe and Asia. But that’s not my reason for wanting to visit Istanbul. The real reason is the vibrant city, the gorgeous buildings and different foodie experiences.

The ‘Aya Sofya’ known to many people as Hagia Sophia is truly an amazing building with so much historical importance. There are so many other such buildings to marvel at, like the blue mosque, Topaki Palace and loads more.

Lets not forget I would love to immerse myself in the old city, going back centuries. Take a visit to the grand bazaar, and eat all the local food that I’ve heard so much about! I have also heard that the ice cream in Istanbul is very delicious!

I would like to take a ferry along the Bosporus. Also visit Taksim square which is apparently the heart of the more modern Istanbul.

Take a trip to see the whirling dervishes. I have heard that watching them is magical.

Visit the world famous Turkish baths (Hamams) .

From what I have heard and read Istanbul sounds like the perfect city for me to visit!

Do you have any special city?

Anyone else has anything they would like to add?

Weekly Travel Post: Cape St. Francis …

Have you ever heard the saying “Go at least once a year to a place you have never been before”

Well that’s what we decide to do one year. We decided to explore the Garden Route. While looking at the map we came across St. Francis Bay. It sounded like somewhere nice to stop so we said let go!

We did book a bit late so we were only able to get accommodation at a Guest House (B&B),¬†Lyngenfjord House.¬†in Cape St. Francis and not St. Francis Bay. (not that the places are far from each other).We were a bit worried because you generally here all these stories about B&B’s. To our surprise it was a very nice B&B with lovely rooms, a gorgeous pool and breathtaking views.


The owners were just a lovely, friendly and very accommodating. Breakfast was awesome! Not what we were expecting at all and the cherry on the top, we were walking distance to the beach!

IMG_1981 IMG_1983

This was just such a gorgeous beach!

Cape St. Francis is a small village town situated just south of St. Francis Bay. It’s a perfect setting for a peaceful beach holiday. However the only downfall was that there were no restaurants within walking distance. If you wanted anything you would have to go to St Francis bay which isn’t to far.

The restaurants in St. Francis Bay are situated in a village setting. It really is a lovely place.

One of the main attractions in St. Francis Bay are the St. Francis Canals.

The St. Francis Canals are a man-made canals system on the banks of the Kromme River.IMG_2018 IMG_2021


These homes on the canal are perfect to escape to. These people are really living the dream!

We were unaware of how nice Cape St. Francis and St Francis Bay are. If we knew that some house’s are available to rent we would have! A must for next time! There is also a Cape St. Francis Resort which is great for families,¬†Cape St. Francis Resort!

There are just so many things to do in these two village towns. Loads of watersports, golf, beaches and so much more! It really is worth checking out!

Weekly Travel Post: Mauritius – An Island of Adventure

I have never thought of Mauritius of an island on my top 3 to visit. I have never heard of anyone really rave about Mauritius. When it came to choosing where we would go, we decided to take a trip to Mauritius.

We decided to stay at the Intercontinental Mauritius in Balaclava, North West of the Island.We Arrived in Mauritius around 4pm Mauritian time. We caught a shuttle to the hotel. When we arrived at the hotel we were greeted with warm and friemdly smiles. The view from the Reception was amazing.


I was immediately in love! The beautiful weather, the gorgeous beaches, the palm trees swaying in the slight wind. I could not wait to get in to the water it looked amazing!

Indeed the water was amazing. Clear and warm and you found small fish swimming with you! what an experience.

The next day we decided to explore a bit of Port Louis.

Port Louis is the capital of Mauritius. The streets are very busy with the hustle and bustle of the Mauritian community. We explored the city which included the Caudan Waterfront and the fruit and vegetable market.


On the top level of the market is where you would find the locals selling all the Mauritian souvenirs and odds and ends. Be sure to haggle a bit for a good bargain!

The next day we decided to try the  full day Catamaran cruise to ile Aux Cerf just off the east coast of Mauritius.


This catamaran cruise departed from Trou D’eau Douce. Once you hop aboard the catamaran you first cruise along the shore. First stop are the Grand waterfalls, you travel by small speed boats to the waterfall. Once you back on the catamaran you make a small stop to snorkel inside the lagoon which is such a lovely experience. After Snorkeling the catamaran heads closer to ile Aux Cerf and you get to enjoy a delicious BBQ lunch on-board the catamaran. After lunch you will get to go on to the island and get some free time, approximately 2 to 3 hours. The island and the surrounding waters are absolutely breathtaking! Definitely a MUST DO!

ile aux cerf IMG_0038

Also we explored Grand Baie, It’s such a cute little Seaside village with enough shopping, small cafes and local markets. There are so many things to do in Mauritius that you may not get to do everything in one trip. Like a visit to the Tea Plantations, exploring the colored earth at Chamarel, exploring all the different beaches on the island, the different types of water sports, the sugar museum and factory, an underwater sea walk, swimming with dolphins and so much more!

Mauritius is definitely worth visiting. Really is such a beautiful Island i would go back any day!

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