Did you use a Pacifier or Soother for you little one?

My husband and I were dead set against the use of a soother. That was one thing that we actually agreed on. My little girl was born a few weeks premature, because of this she could not suckle. She really struggled so the pediatrician advised us to use a soother to help her with her suckling and jaw movement. The hubby was really not impressed. His concerns being that it would hamper her speech, her teeth and that we would never be able to get her of it .

Yes all valid concerns. Eventually he gave in. we started using the NUK soother range. It was brilliant and it helped her a lot.

Nuk Silicone StarLight Soother_1343292483

All those concerns were still at the back of our minds. When she was 6 months old we decided to change her soother to a different brand. We had been hearing a lot about the Philips Avent range.

It was slightly different to the NUK .

The Philips Avent Soother had a  “collapsible nipple is symmetrical, flat, and drop-shaped”. Which we thought would work well when her teeth start to come out. It works just as well upside down, which was very helpful at night when she would spit it out and cry until we would put it back in her mouth and when she started putting it in her mouth on her own. Yes the cap is a great feature as well because it keep the dummy clean and does not come out easily.


She is still using the Philips Avent Soother. She is 13 months old and has only 4 teeth but personally i don’t think that has anything to do with the soother as a number of kids around her age have 4 or less teeth. I also don’t think it affected her speech in any way because she is an absolute chatterbox.

I still get lots of criticism in using a soother. Especially from older people but i feel that each situation is different because no one child is the same. All kids develop differently.

I was reading an article on David Beckham defending his daughter against pacifier critics. This was my inspiration for my post.

Whats your view on the use of a Soother?


Planning a First Birthday Party!

As you little 1 approaches one the common question that arises is: “Are you having a 1st birthday?”

For most moms this can be a very stressful event. Endless things that you need to think of. Starting from the guest list, the venue, the theme, colors, entertainment, decor, party packs and the list  goes on …

My little girl turned one at the end of June. We first thought at having it at a Venue, so we decided looking at different venues across Johannesburg, its surprising the amount that’s out there and the facilities that are offered are just amazing!

Our favorite though was Kid-e-up Party Yard in Kyalami . (Kid-e-up Party Yard Link) . Its set in such a tranquil area and the grounds and facilities are amazing! Great Value for Price! Unfortunately we never used it as it was too far for majority of our guests.

Our second favorite was Jeeks Party Venue in Senderwood. Its in the Greek Sporting Grounds. The facilities and set-up is also really nice with lots of activities for the Kids! (Jeeks Party Venue)

But after we looked at dozens of Venue, we then reviewed our gust list and realized that many of the kids were under the age of 2 so we decided to have it at home in the Garden. We hired a Jumping Castle, took out some of the soft play items, the little ones car and toys on a play mat.

The theme we chose was Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. I got a lot of my Inspiration from the web, especially pinterest. My Mickey Pinterest Board! Please check out my Board it might help if you would like some ideas for your little ones birthday.

DIY Photo Booth Frame

If you good with your hands and if you have time, you can make any theme extra special with some DIY work.

Inspiration Pinterest

Inspiration Pinterest

I found the best place for balloons were at Party Spot . They have the widest variety of balloons and they fill it  with helium while you wait!

All the best for your birthday! Here are some planning checklists that might help:

1. Planning Checklist Baby Center

2. The bump.com

3. Catchmyparty.com

Thank You

Travel: 10 Most Iconic Hotels


I was browsing CNN and came across the above link.

I love travelling so the instant i see an article like this i automatically go read and start making a list of places/sights/experiences i need to put on my bucket list or how many of the places i have been to and what i like most or least about it.

In the article attached unfortunately i have only been to one of the iconic hotels, The Taj Mahal Palace, Mumbai, India.This hotel is really grand and majestic! Though you would not expect to see it in this area.

But on my number one still to see or wish i could stay at would be the The Plaza Hotel, New York. Main reason being that in so may movies you always have such beautiful scenes associated with the Plaza Hotel.

What do you think about it?